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UCLA Community School

Welcome to UCLA Community School (UCLA-CS) Grades K-12

The UCLA Community School prepares students for college, career, and engaged citizenship. As a K-12 school, UCLA-CS promotes stable relationships with students, and eliminates disruptive transitions from one school to another. UCLA-CS is a unique partnership between LAUSD, UCLA and the local community. This partnership enables the school to offer students enrichment activities at UCLA, and the opportunity to learn alongside university students and faculty working at the school. Student interest is also linked to California State Standards, Career and Technical Education, and A-G College preparatory requirements for entrance to the state’s public universities (UC, CSU).

Personalized multi-age dens (K-6) and divisions (7-12) keep students together with the same main teacher for two years. K-6 dens are organized to support bilingualism of Spanish and English, and/ or Korean and English.

UCLA-CS community partners include:

  • Alliance for a Better Community
  • BruinCorps
  • Children’s Institute
  • Centro Latino

For more information please visit the UCLA Community Schools Website by clicking on link.

School Information

Principal: Queena Kim

Assistant Principal:
Rebekah Kang

Maribel Carrillo

700 S. Mariposa Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Telephone: (213) 480-3750